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Areas of Expertise to

Improve Patient Experience, Better health outcomes and Advancing Health Equity 

Program Overview 

AHA care coordination services began in hospital settings as patients nearing their discharge dates were identified as requiring additional follow up and coordination of various forms of therapy, medication together with effective and timely referrals to multiple ambulatory social services. This model has been expanded over time and organizations such as AHA have developed special expertise to provide essential care coordination and enabling services to those most in need. 

SDOH Family  Services 

  • Enrollment Assistance Medi-Cal & Cal fresh
  • Medical & Mental Health Referrals
  • VITA Program (Free Tax Services)
  • Court Order Community Services
  • Enrollment Assistance to Rental & Utilities Programs
  • CoveredCA Enrollment Assistance
  • Transportation (TAP Program)
  • Community Outreach(Volunteer) 

SDOH Outreach Services 

SDOH Care Coordinators outreach staff conducts education and appointments efforts to empower families and individuals' access to social services in the East Los Angeles region area. SDOH outreach program conducts navigators' services 8-10 events a month to ensure access to enrollment support.

Behavorial Telehealth Services

Advanced Healthcare Administrators has partnered with Los Angeles County Mental Health (Outreach) Program to provide FREE mental health workshops in person on Fridays and by appointment thru virtual sessions. 

Case Management 

Once a Family or Individual has sought SDOH Care Coordinators screening eligibility assistance. SDOH care coordinator will make several follow-up calls with the clients to ensure access new benefits.   

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