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About us
At Advanced Healthcare Administrators, we aim to make a lasting impact in our community. AHA's enrollment assistance and empowerment programs are designed to make life easy. Our passion derives from ensuring everyone's basic needs are met— as it should be for all humans.
Dot Waves
What we do:
Advanced Healthcare Administrators provides Enhanced Care Management Services tailored to everyone's changing needs. Focusing on helping individuals navigate their life journey, AHA offers comprehensive, step-by-step walkthroughs in social service enrollment and registration.

Since 2015, we have served our community in the greater Los Angeles area.

Coming from a wide array of backgrounds, our team of professionals is the backbone of Advanced Healthcare Administrators. 

List of Community Support Services:

  • Housing transitions

  • Short-term hospitalizations

  • Housing community transitions

  • Nursing facility transitions to home life

  • Respite services

  • Personal care and homemaker services

  • Rehabilitation and rehabilitation housing

  • Home accessibility modifications

  • Medically tailored meals




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