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Enhanced Care Management Services


Enhanced Care Management addresses enrollees through a need-based system.

Who is Eligible? 

  • All previously incarcerated individuals who are transitioning back home (Re-entry)​​

  • Families experiencing homelessness

  • Families experiencing housing insecurity

  • Individuals concerned with ambulance and/or ER usage

  • Individuals with mental illness

  • Individuals suffering from substance abuse

  • Individuals identified to be at clinically high risk for psychosis

  • Individuals experiencing a first episode of psychosis

  • Individuals at risk of institutionalization

  • Individuals seeking long-term care

  • Nursing facility residents transitioning to home life

  • Children reporting serious emotional disturbance

  • Children enrolled in California Children’s Services (CCS) with additional needs beyond CCS

  • Children involved in child welfare (including those with a history of involvement in welfare, and foster care up to age 26)

You may qualify under your specific circumstances.


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