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SDOH Navigation Assistance Programs 

Where Your Social needs are,

Treated with Care

Staff is Bi-lingual 

 Partner, Give & Support 

By donating just $1.00 you can help contribute towards monthly community health awareness events. To donate, you will positively support many families to access wellness and empowerment programs. Thank you for joining our program enhancements efforts during this vulnerable time—It's supporters like you that help us change the world every day.

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► Services

 Determinants of Health (SDOH)  Care Coordinators Programs assist low-income families and individuals with enrollment services to no-cost or low-cost health insurance coverage. Including other rental, housing and food insecurity programs.

  •  Medi-Cal & Cal fresh
  • Medical & Mental Health Referrals
  • VITA Program (Free Tax Services)
  • Court Order Community Services
  • Enrollment Assistance to Rental & Utilities Programs
  • CoveredCA Enrollment Assistance
  • Transportation (TAP Program)
  • Community Outreach(Volunteer) 
  • Seniors Assistance Program
  • FREE Medication Assistance Program

► Schedule

Social Service  Schedules:

Monday - Tuesday        : 9am to 5pm

Thursday - Friday          : 9am to 4pm

Saturday - Sunday        : 9am to 3pm

Note: Each  organization has different time schedule

► Clinics

Noblequest Health Foundation

Dr. Alfaro

Internal Medicine Specialist


 Office Near You Call

1 (866) 201-6694


(866) 201-6694

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