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Can we help you with one of these?​


Advanced Healthcare Administrators will help you enroll for Medi-Cal, mental health services, and other wellness programs.


Advanced Healthcare Administrators will find rental housing options for you.


Advanced Healthcare Administrators guides re-entry individuals and recovering addicts in their new life paths.

Social Benefits

CalFresh, Covered CA, Transit Access Pass Cards, Vita Program, Court Orders, Home Utilities Assistance, Medication Assistance...

A little goes a long way.

Even the smallest donation contributes toward monthly community health awareness events, informational outreach, and empowerment programs.


Thank you— your support helps immensely.

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Orange Dots

Our team at Advanced Healthcare Administrators is dedicated to giving our community basic needs.


AHA offers enrollment assistance services in 12 core areas— because there are just some things no human should live without.



Office Schedule 

Monday - Tuesday: 9am to 3pm
Thursday - Friday: 9am to 3pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 1pm
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